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Nakanojo Biennale Exhibition and Performance” (2019.8-9)

Painter: Shinobu Hanazawa×Maria Abe collaboration performance

“Nakanojo Biennnale” Shima, Gunma

I made it by staying in Gunma for two weeks
with the painter Hanazawa.
This work was performed at a closed school in Gunma.

<The theme of this work>
Hanazawa mainly works on writing and drawing with the theme about the death of familiar people, how to face death and living, and the form of funeral. She generally makes paintings and it is extremely private, and her text shows Hanazawa’s life lively.
Maria interprets one’s life and the world as “a certain room”, and express life and body beyond life in her dance performance as well as video and text. In this performance, Maria fluctuates her own body as “a container”. This is an experiment to bury Hanazawa’s personal story into Maria’s own body and let it out as it goes. Hanazawa lost a person close to her 5 years ago. Since then, she has written a long text up to 50,000 words, and the drawings and poems are based on this text. She is re-interpreting living and death, and reconstruct memories and time to find a new view of

living and death. Also, while Maria performs, Hanazawa, who usually mainly works on drawing expresses a “word”, they will cross over their own field and create a new installation. “Somebody said that the quantity of this world never changes. Even though somebody passes away,

the same quantity of his or her body would exist in another form.

(Feb, 13th 2019. referenced from Hanazawa’s text)